Friday, September 21, 2012

Kung May Facebook Nung Martial Law

NAIIYAK ako pag naiisip ko na 40 years ago, may mga tao who were just as nice, as intelligent, as caring or just as plain funny as our friends here in FB---pero wala na sila ngayon...

All because they disappeared, were tortured or murdered during MARTIAL LAW!

On the 40th Anniversary of ML, if any of your FB friends will just disappear, his/her FB account shut down & all our FB postings/comments about him/her be subject to government scrutiny -- think how that was a common story albeit less high-tech during the Marcos dictatorship.

We will NEVER HAVE BACK the lives of those men & women whose dreams were snuffed-off early by the most corrupt family in Philippine history.  But please naman, NEVER HAVE BACK the same people who plucked out this entire generation of promising youths na kung mga nabuhay sana ay ka-FB pa natin ngayon (at baka nagse-SHARE or nagla-LIKE lang right now sa posting na `to.)

NEVER AGAIN -- to the Marcoses!

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