Friday, September 21, 2012

Kung May Facebook Nung Martial Law

NAIIYAK ako pag naiisip ko na 40 years ago, may mga tao who were just as nice, as intelligent, as caring or just as plain funny as our friends here in FB---pero wala na sila ngayon...

All because they disappeared, were tortured or murdered during MARTIAL LAW!

On the 40th Anniversary of ML, if any of your FB friends will just disappear, his/her FB account shut down & all our FB postings/comments about him/her be subject to government scrutiny -- think how that was a common story albeit less high-tech during the Marcos dictatorship.

We will NEVER HAVE BACK the lives of those men & women whose dreams were snuffed-off early by the most corrupt family in Philippine history.  But please naman, NEVER HAVE BACK the same people who plucked out this entire generation of promising youths na kung mga nabuhay sana ay ka-FB pa natin ngayon (at baka nagse-SHARE or nagla-LIKE lang right now sa posting na `to.)

NEVER AGAIN -- to the Marcoses!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gods & Monsters

Sa tatlong tao na matagal kong minahal at inidolo... ngayong gabi, hindi ko lang kayo itinatakwil, ipinapangako ko -- LALAGPASAN ko pa kayo! Ngayon alam ko nang ang sasama pala ng ugali nyo. Hindi kayo karapat-dapat sa aking paghanga (at lalong hindi pala kayo ganun kagaling)!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Copywriting" for DOT - Episode 2

Filipinos are in the top 15 happiest people on earth and rank 9th as the most patriotic citizens of their country (we even outdid Japan & landed as the only Asian finalist.) Ergo, the "It's More Fun in the Philippines" campaign indeed appeals to a majority of our countrymen because it combines these two world rankings into one formulaic slogan: being FUN and being PRO-Philippines.

That said, I am just beginning to discover how the words FUN and PHILIPPINES can go together in many positive associations. Or, at least some associations can be tweaked as to become FUNNY, another very Filipino trait -- making light of issues other nations may even find tragic :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's More FUN in the Philippines

As my friends well know by now, I have suddenly been afflicted by this it's-more-fun fever spread by the new DOT campaign.

Indeed I had FUN surfing the net for pictures contributed by fellow enthusiasts until I thought of coming-up with a few myself. Here are some of the pics I have randomly downloaded from the internet bearing the captions I have added (I claim no ownership to any of the photos unless otherwise stated.)

I'll include these newly captioned photographs in my next youtube video project but until then, I'm posting here a preview. Clearly, here is a new photo-editing & copywriting hobby any Filipino can have FUN with.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

PNP's Zero Criminality Drive

Strictly pleasant stories during meals should be a golden rule in every household.

And the story that is now causing my hyperacidity...

My wife told me over breakfast how a co-worker, Faye (not her real name), was able to bring to the police a pickpocket who stole Faye's cellphone.

What's upsetting with a success story about good winning versus evil? Upsetting is the failed story of how good winning almost versus evil.

Waiting for a train in a crowded MRT station, there was this woman pressing herself against Faye, her position blocking Faye from boarding the trains. Same woman wouldn't move even after several trains have already passed. When she finally did, Faye discovered her bag open & her iPhone already stolen.

Faye frantically went about the MRT station searching for the woman.

And she found her!

The woman resisted and escaped but not before Faye was able to catch-up on the woman's accomplice. Faye grabbed the accomplice and recovered from him the stolen iPhone and succeeded in bringing the scumbag to the nearest police station.

Sounded quick and easy? Almost.

That's until Faye had to transfer from one police station to another. Why? Because the police had only the same thing to tell Faye each time.

The cops would keep lecturing Faye how much trouble it would be to file charges. The expenses... the hearings... That a pickpocket only has to post a P6,000 bail (an iPhone is over 40k) & be free again--free for him and his cohorts to do anything to Faye too. And take note of this outrageous piece of information the cops were insisting on her: that should she press charges, PNP would have to confiscate her iPhone because it's evidence!

Came the last police station.

Emboldened by the authorities' apathy, the crook has by now been speaking over the phone to his fellow gang members; he was ready to turn the tables. He was now demanding that Faye drop all charges or he can't assure her what he and his gang might later do to her. He was telling Faye that they settle the matter outside the police station--the gangsters want to bring Faye to their lair in Plaza Miranda where they could all arrive at a settlement! To this, all that the blotter officer had to say to the pickpocket was: "Ilang beses ka nang dinala dito. Kayo nang bahala mag-ayos n'yan." (You've been brought here several times. You thresh this out between you.)


In the end, Faye quits if only just to finally go home at 2:00 in the morning-- still with her cellphone and her harrowing tale that is the kind of story that one has survived if only to warn others.

And that's how PNP can say that it's been successful in reducing "reported" crimes.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Shoot & Tell

Ngayong long weekend, napansin ko na madami-dami na rin pala akong kuha sa cellphone na baka interesting i-share sa iba.

Vehicular Accidents

Spelling Vee

Kaya mo pa?

Hangga ngayon, sa D2M5767 parin sila nag-a-eyeball...