Thursday, October 26, 2006

How Did You Know? II

I write this rather belatedly to assure my wife what I meant by soulmate in my very first posting in this blogsite.

Though my beautiful and ever understanding spouse swears she has searched the net for the meaning of the word and all she kept finding was the romantic meaning of “soulmate,” let me assure her and you guys that by soulmate, I simply meant that invisible thread which Hindus of ancient times believed to connect individuals. You know, like two souls were created from the same material.

From the first time I heard it, I have always felt the word meant more like brothers and sisters or twins, having developed from the same egg or womb. In this romance-obsessed age of loveteams & telenovelas, I can’t blame people assigning more marketable meanings to it. I read somewhere that, as much as it can encompass space (like you live in Manila & the other in Bostwana), soulmate bonds may encompass time & gender. That means your mate could be from another era (like you have always felt this special connection to Cleopatra?) or somebody of the same sex (caveat: this doesn’t explain same-sex attraction; that’s another story.)

So there. Besides, I expounded on the topic based on how my “soulmate” felt towards me. And I was pretty sure she didn’t mean it romantically too because at the same time she was telling me that’s how it felt, she was also bragging about his fiance and future husband (congratulations to them if it pushed through.)

So the next time you find your mate, exert effort to stay connected—unlike what I did. Oh well, you guys haven’t written any lead yet how I could find her. So much for yanking at that invisible thread.


madame camfufot said...

Too late the hero ka sa soulmate mo? How can we give you any leads if itago mo ba naman siya sa pangalang Chiqui, sino kasi siya, spill! Frankly, yang soulmate experience, it is not to be defined, it just is e. But it does defy most and is stripped of kilig, you know what I mean? In my experience, di ko inassume na we lost touch because I knew soulmate siya coz we didn't need empty words or letters, kuha mo?

Job said...

Thanks Madame Camfufot (whoever you are and `hope you care to let me know you some more.) That was some camfufot err.. comfort you gave there. Yeah, I guess I haven't completely lost her. As for the very little info I could manage to provide, my apologies. Blogging is still an alien territory to me that's why I'm a bit shy supplying too many details for now.

`Hope you keep in touch Madame :) & thanks again.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna hurt bad before it gets better
But I'll never get over you by hidin' this way